10 Ways to turn your day around

There are some mornings that just seem harder than others. It could be that you didn’t sleep well or are dreading the tasks of the day. It is days like this when it is good to have some simple plans to help reset your day. (Sometimes I spend the whole day re-setting!)




If you have never done a shimmy, it is time to try it. There is no wrong way to do a shimmy, and yet by its very definition, it begins at the top of your body and goes through your feet. How you conduct that movement is really up to you. I challenge you right now to stop reading and do a couple shimmies before you return to reading.


Water has so many healing powers and it can be used in some many different ways. It may just mean that you are dehydrated and need to little extra glass of water to drink.

You may want to immerse yourself in water. You can take a quick dip in the pool. You can hop in the shower. You can soak in the tub. Any of these things, if you have the time can be helpful.

Listening to and watching moving water can be relaxing and beneficial. A desktop fountain can be helpful. You can go for a walk and see some water features in the area.


Reading can take you to a different level rather quickly.  Some people keep a book of poetry handy. Others have a bible close by. Magazines are often easy to grab. It is just about changing focus and stepping outside the  moment for awhile.

Give up with gusto

You don’t have to give up forever. You can simply give up for a few minutes. Throw in the towel. Mentally stop the project. Declare all the reasons you want to give up and then the reasons for following through. Do what is in your best interest.


I am not sure where you can find a place to sing, my grandchildren find the acoustics in any restroom just fine. In fact, going into a restroom seems to compel them to sing. At the office you can often hear singing coming from the mother’s room, but that kind of leaves the men out. Find a location and belt it out.


Just do it. For five minutes just cry. If anyone asks what the problem is say “No problem just a therapeutic cry.”  Trust me, they will just walk away and let you be.


A little bit of acupressure can definitely make you feel better quickly. It can be done without fanfare and most people are not even aware you are doing it. WebMD is a great place to take a quick look and learn a few techniques.


I am no good at yoga, and yet I am able to stretch and contort enough to get my body moving and my energy flow heading in a different direction.

Adjust the door

If it is closed open it, if it open close it and if there is not a door find one and slam it.


When all else fails and you can still laugh all is really well in your world.


11 thoughts on “10 Ways to turn your day around

  1. I didn’t know a shimmy had to start at the top, but then again where else could it start from.
    Singing my personal favourite but certainly not for anyone within earshot. Thanks

  2. Great post – I am going to print it out to have it to hand when I’m struggling, my favourites – shimmy (i did stop reading and did it and giggled!) also love water, and singing!!!

  3. I have to admit, after I read the definition I tried to shimmy from my feet and that was hard! My family pays me to stop singing. It’s a pretty good gig.

  4. Trenn a, you’re awesome! How about a shimmy in the shower? Lol These are such great ideas. Hanging out on grass or in nature is always my go-to, since I won’t sing ;-). Never tried to change the doors, though, so I may try that the next time I’m in a funk. Thanks, Tressa! 🙂

  5. Thanks, needed to read this. It felt like a great reminder that sometimes is ok to mentality quit..in order to refresh and start again.

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