What is a like?


So, we all know that I am an older, technically challenged woman. There are some things with social media that I just don’t “get”. So I am putting my complete ignorance in your hands! Educate me.

What does it really mean when someone “likes” a post? I have some wonderful comments and zero likes. So does a comment mean more than a like? Is it proper etiquette to do one or the other or should you do both? Are there any etiquette rules?

When there is something I want to share because I think it is great, do I just share it or do I comment and like it as well?

You see there is a whole generation of us who are online, but struggling for some structure.  We want to know the boundaries and then decide if we want to abide by the rules. It is the way we were raised.

Give me a link. Write me a post. Teach me!


15 thoughts on “What is a like?

  1. Usually when I “like” a post I comment and share too. But we oldies are of an age we were don’t have to give a damn. Do what feels right for you.

  2. I’m with Trish, does it really matter, if I share i tend to comment on why i think my followers will like it, sometimes i like just to show that i appreciate what the author has written. Do what feels right to you, there are no rules

  3. There are no fixed rules – which makes it frustratingly confusing. But you can do what you please, not because of your age or technical inexperience, but because its your post and you’re entitled to your opinion.
    This particular article I’m going to like and comment on (this being my comment of course)

  4. Trenn a, I got absolutely no idea, so I will be following this thread so I can learn with you, ha! I’m jealous, since now I want to post this question on my own blog!

  5. When I share something, I usually post a comment too. I tend to “Like” a lot of things, and then not comment as much as I would like, since I’m trying to scroll down and read as many interesting things as possible! I think there are no set rules; just do what you are comfortable with! One thing I like about some of the Facebook groups I belong to, including the 30 Day Blogging Challenge, is the support and conversation, including Likes and Comments!

  6. Maybe it is more about how much time you have. I have find it funny that one person always hits like on the Facebook page, but has never read any of my posts. There are many that leave positive comments and never like. I guess my goal it to just keep writing.

  7. Sometimes I just “like” a post. Other times I’ll “like” and comment if I have something to say. I would never “like” something I shared, though. That’s too much.

  8. I love your curiosity. When I come across a post, it depend on my mood I can like it, just comment on it or just share it. Sometimes I do all three. But I think any of those gesture shows that the person appreciated you writing the post.

  9. You are right about the time thing…a like is a quick way to say well that you like something…a comment just takes more time, you activly have to take part and then there are people who just like about everything they are seeing xD so just stick with what feels right for you, the nice thing about social mdia is, that there are no real rules 😉

  10. Sabine,
    I don’t know if I can be trusted to make my own rules. I rarely get a like and I guess that is okay. I believe I will think of that like a rubber stamp.

  11. Sometimes when I comment I simply forget to like as I have to scroll back up to find like. Sometimes I want to comment but don’t want to spend ages trying to write a few well thought words.Comments certainly give better feedback than likes, and the opportunity to interact.

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