How did Monday get here?

I guess it really is time for #MondayMusings and another interesting week! I really can not believe that my weekend is gone and I am already back a work, and so goes life.


This morning we have rain showers and no wind. So I took a few moments to simply go outside and let mother nature soak me down in my night gown. It was chilly, and yet it felt good just to let the water fall and be one with nature for a few minutes. I came in dried off, get dressed and get ready to work.

The grandkids are sleeping soundly, my sister and Dad are coming up to say goodbye as they pass by. Really there is no one to greet them. Our lifestyles are so different the connections are becoming harder and harder to make. I realized at the family reunion that I really don’t belong there and I won’t be going back. My world is not that same. My participation in the larger family unit is now just funerals.

Life is all about changes and it is time to make the big ones for me. This should be interesting.


19 thoughts on “How did Monday get here?

  1. I am not feeling sad. It is just another change. I love the time that I spent in the rain.

  2. Change does happen and it seems that embracing it is a good idea. Thanks for your comment.

  3. That does make sense. No use sitting around and worrying about what happened yesterday. It’s over. Thank you for commenting.

  4. Trenna, I understand this completely. May you embrace the changes that are coming, may you give yourself time to feel the strange emotions that come up at the oddest times, and may you remember that you are constantly hugged by others. 🙂

  5. Oh how I wish I even believed it good happen! LOL. I am an emotional mess right now, but at least I am aware. Does that count?

  6. Trenna, there really won’t be a finish. Something always comes up, sometimes at the worst times. So, again, be kind to yourself, and treat yourself well. And blow harder through your straws: there’s not one cloud in the sky! Lolol oh, wait: there’s one. It’s working! Lol

  7. Family are great but distance and time can create a gap that will make us feel like strangers when we are around family. However, I think we can choose friends that can become family and fill that gap. no love lost is just life happens.

  8. I love what Liz and Sacha wrote to you! Plus, standing in the rain and blowing through straws are such soothing and peaceful activities to deal with heavy emotions.

  9. travelwithmrst
    I am constantly amazed at wonderful advice and feedback there is. They gave me things to ponder, as did you. Thank you.

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