How to have difficult conversations and knowing when to bite your tongue

I know! I should have read this yesterday!

Photography by Alexk

Honesty is important and all that matters. Lying and betrayal is breaking trust.

However, it is sometimes hard to be brutally honest and we may hurt the other person involved. In circumstances where our mouth is faster than our brain we might regret what we were saying. I am not saying to lie but the question is how to tell somebody what you really think. Bear in mind the other person has feelings too. Do we always have to be right? Isn’t it sometimes better to be kind?

If you have to give somebody some negative feedback, be constructive, so the other person can learn from it. Always start with the positive things. There is always something positive, just think about it.

Some situations might make you just want to scream and shout – stop exactly before you do it. When you feel your emotions are rising, inhale and count…

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