Common sense and the law of attraction

Do you ever struggle with the law of attraction? I have to tell you it seems too good to be true. Much of what you read implies that if you ask and visualize it will happen. Common sense says even if the universe puts money in your pocket, you have to reach in and pull it out! So where is the balance and how does a realist come to terms with the law of attraction?

Pack up your troubles

I bet you thought I was going to come up with some fantastic answers. Nope, I just have some observations and more questions. I am hoping that this will be a group project and everyone will join to help!  Good things come to people who are helpful!

I get that people who are always looking for good things to happen can find something positive things in every situation. That makes perfect sense. However, manifesting cash seems a little different.

I find it interesting that most manifesting statements end with, I will manifest all of this or THINGS EVEN BETTER – what does that mean? Is that the escape clause?

Help me out.



19 thoughts on “Common sense and the law of attraction

  1. visualisation, combined with belief and inspired action are the keys really. I think for many of us we really struggle with the belief aspect particularly when it comes money and the Law of Attraction. Love the image 😉 xx

  2. Hey, didn’t I write a post on this last week or so? Ha! Ok, I’ll tell a joke. Hurricane comes, and the mayor tells everyone to evacuate. This one man says he’s going to stay. Rain comes hard, police come by and tell him he needs to leave or he will die. Man says, “If God wants me to live, he will save me.” Water starts rising, man gets up to the 2nd floor. Some rescuers come by in a boat and tell him to get in. “No,” says the man. “If God wants me alive, he will save me.” Water keeps rising, and the guy gets on the roof. A helicopter comes, and a guy throws the ladder down and screeches for him to get on. The man, of course, says,”No. God will save me.” Ok. Man drowns and goes to heaven. He sees God and asks, “God, why didn’t you save me?” God looks at him and says, ” I sent you a policeman, a boat, and a helicopter.”
    The point is, it’s not all about wishing (gotta spit, sister). And you just gave me tomorrow’s rant–I mean, blog, lol. 🙂
    Love us! Hug from Texas, where even the devil says it’s too hot, lol!

  3. If you wrote it a week ago I misses it. I wrote it because I received 50 law of attractions emails in one day. It was a little overwhelming. Familiar with the joke. Is it me you are ranting at, cuz I just don’t have the time for that! LOL.

  4. I believe it is the inspired action that are left out of all these emails I keep getting from who knows where. I think inspired action – is a great topic. Maybe I will work on that. Thanks so much for stopping by.

  5. I would never rant at you! The spell check hate was for my comment that said “love us” instead of “love ya”–spell check doesn’t like my slang, lol.

  6. I just received an overwhelming amount of emails on the subject. I think I will take a break for awhile on the subject.

  7. Liz, I seriously need more coffee! I took the whole post down and ran it through spell check!

  8. I love your philosophical view, well I also have a problem with the law of attraction. My problem is this, If two women want the same man and they start practicing the law of attraction who will win? I mean one of them has to loose and then what? so the law of attraction for me is about being grateful, not calling what we want.

  9. The current popular attitude seems to be about determination and materialism, it’s all over the place at the moment I notice. All about how you can get exactly what you want, and the spirituality and bigger picture seems to have been pushed aside. However I do also believe there is not just one way of working with LOA, but many, many different approaches and ways of tapping into it, and not all of them are for our highest good. However, the flip side of that is the ‘attitude of fate’, drifting along and not accepting presented opportunities because of the idea that we do not need to take action and the ‘universe will decide’ – much like the example in the comment by Liz. I agree ‘this or better’ is a bit vague, but I use it because I like the idea of a statement which leaves room for attracting something more in line with my divine purpose, maybe something I cannot perceive, or dare not ask for. I like that – it is so broad and yet creates hope in me for something very specific and in spiritual alignment to me. Personally I would try to ensure I am manifesting in line with my divine purpose rather than from a more materialistic point of view, although it clearly works on that level also. As Sacha indicates in her example about relationships, if we are fixed on just one possible outcome we are limiting ourselves and also assuming we, in our very limited awareness, know what is right or best for us. It seems to be equally simple and complex. I didn’t realise I had so much to say on the subject!

  10. Cat shaped cushion!
    (I had to write it out so my husband got it. Made me laugh.) I am so glad that you had a lot to say. Communicating is a very important part of my life. Is the divine a singular entity to you?

  11. I don’t believe in focusing on a fixed goal as far as the Law of Attraction goes. For me it’s all about being grateful for what I have and knowing that the Universe is abundant and all things work for good!

  12. I moved temporarily last year from the U.S. to the Netherlands, and it has given me an updated perspective on priorities–including things and experiences. I find I’m happier with even small positive experiences. Sometimes focusing on a large, seemingly unattainable goal is disheartening.

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