5 Ways to step out of your comfort zone

It is human nature to create your own space in the world and stay within that space. It is comfortable, familiar, and it feels like home. It’s nice. I also doesn’t allow for much growth. So if you are ready to expand your world here some interesting options.



     1.Use your senses

This can be a very fun adventure. Go to a busy and public. Find a place like a park or a cafe. Close your eyes and give your other senses a real workout. It doesn’t take long for the compensation to begin. Your experience will be different as you feel the breeze, hear even the smallest of noises and smell whatever has been hidden. Perceive the world differently.

Try the same exercise a different day with some quality ear plugs.


  1. Play with your future

Write what your life will be like in 5 years. No physically write how it happened in the present state. Here is an example, “I will have a new home in 5 years.”  Here’s the present state “I have a new home because I paid attention and took the risks needed to get my home. I worked smart and I got the dream I wanted. I was focused. Today I am working smarter, taking risks, and paying attention to opportunities.

  1. Break those chains

Most of the things we do every day are because of what happened in the past. It is fun to stop and examine some of  these things. I get up on every commercial when I am watching television and do “something”. In our home watching television was considered lazy, unless we did something productive during the commercials. I think everything in our home was done during the commercials. Only one person stays attentive to call the others back to the living room. I still do that today and it is not an effective way to get things done. I should break that chain.

Break those chains that don’t serve you well.

  1. Examine prejudices

We all have prejudices. I will start with an easy one, so you can re-frame the word “prejudice”. I don’t eat raisins because my Mom told me they were horrid and simply spoiled grapes. That was good enough for me. I just took her word for it. Silly, isn’t it, that even now, I have never tried a raisin.

Step away and examine what your prejudices are and if they truly belong to you. Adjust.

  1. Write partner obituaries

Are you sure you have a real handle on how others view you and how close it is to your self image? Find a partner. It can be a friend, spouse, or even an enemy who is willing to work with you.

First you write your own obituary, then you write the partner obituary. Exchange them and see if you don’t learn something.

So there you have it. These 5 simple ways to set outside of your comfort zone, without making such a drastic change you cannot revisit decisions. These are pretty much baby steps.It is something you can probably do in a 48 hour period, in fact, I DARE YOU!



5 thoughts on “5 Ways to step out of your comfort zone

  1. Love all 5 of your suggestions.I love sitting on the bus, or in a park, using my senses, and listening to all of the different languages spoken (I currently live in the Netherlands in Utrecht, a large university town).

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