Another Alzheimer moment

First, a little reminder and explanation. My husband has early onset Alzheimer’s. So this makes me an unlikely caregiver of him and my brother who is disabled with sle lupus. Our home is a duplex so both of them have their “own” house and I roam freely between the two. Being a caregiver was never part of my original plan in life and I came ill prepared. Humor sometimes helps the situations.


I was in my pj’s, in bed with my notebook, pen and Ipod. He came in. “Are you making brownies for me?”

“No, I made you a coconut cream pie and I have gave you a piece.”

“Why do you pretend like you do nice things for me?”

I shook my head, got up and went to the kitchen and made brownies.

I brought out a brownie and a glass of milk. He said, “You already fed me pie, are you trying to kill me?”

I laughed, “Just with love. Enjoy!”


The truth is that someday, probably not too far in the future, these memories will be all I have to enjoy. I guess the point is that treasuring them is important and loving him is worth it.




15 thoughts on “Another Alzheimer moment

  1. We all develop ways of coping with what life throws at us – humour and patience are great.

  2. jfb57,
    You would. When things like this happen you raise to the occasion. I share because I think others may have similar issues and may need the freedom to talk about it.

  3. Corinne,
    I believe anyone in the same situation would find a way to cope as well. I still think talking about it releases some of the tension and reminds me how much I love them.

  4. Diana ~
    Thanks for the comment. I may laugh a lot, but I am plumb out of patience. Well, really I have never had any. LOL.

  5. Tammy,
    I just keep reminding myself, it could be worse and tomorrow it might be. Better laugh today! Thanks for reaching out and commenting.

  6. What a sweet way to respond, Trenna. And you are right, humor is helpful! You have inspired me to be a little more patient! #FridayReflections

  7. Thank you, I accept your compliment with grace and gratitude. You made a difference in my life today Wendy.

  8. “Treasuring them is important and loving him is worth it”–wow! May there be many beautiful positive memories this week, Trenna!

  9. Live Dream Sparkle,
    I will take your hugs and comments any day of the week. Thank you so much for stopping by.

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