Is the 30 day challenge worth it?

I am an evaluator. I like to write things down, analyze them and see if what I am doing or thinking falls in line with my values and what matters to me. So let’s role the dice and see what happens.


Now that I have completed the  30 Day Blogging Challenge hosted

by, it is time to reflect. I like lists because they appear to be logical and organized. (I am always working on trying to be more logical and organized.)


Things I learned from this challenge


  1. There are an overwhelming number of blogs out there, find the ones that resonate with you and learn. Read, read, read. Comment. Ask questions. Give feedback.  A real person wrote the blog (even if it is a ghost writer) and respect that.
  2. People are willing to help you grow and give you honest, personal feedback.
  3. There are so many tools available for you. Persevere and the rewards are great.
  4. Producing quality content every day is hard. When you have a great idea, stop immediately and write it down. Don’t lose it.
  5. The answer to question the “yes”. It is worth it to participate. You may not learn the same things I did, still you will be immersed with great ideas, unlimited support, and might even find a whole new list of virtual friends.

Don’t just do it, jump in with enthusiasm.


13 thoughts on “Is the 30 day challenge worth it?

  1. I agree Trenna. Nike has it right with ‘Just do it’. It may not lead where your thought it would but learning, connecting with people and feeling a sense of achievement is SO good!

  2. I have a little notebook where I write down all of my ideas when I’m on the road, and a larger one for when I’m at home!

  3. love it! I do need to get into the habit of carrying a little notebook with me to write ideas down.

  4. You did brilliantly Trenna, and I know the first time I did it it took me a year to recover, and here you are straight back on the horse with your blogging friends :). I’ve also really enjoyed reading your posts x

  5. Thank you. I you had not made the extra effort I may not have had the courage. I love this community.

  6. Yesterday I had a brilliant idea and I was so excited. I wish I had written it down! It’ gone now. LOL tonjadavis I am sure you will do better than me.

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