She-shed obession

Sunday, August 9th the CBS Sunday Morning Show mesmerized me. It was almost like I was “hungry” for every segment. I hit rewind and recorded the whole dang show!  One of the treasures was a segment about the she-shed. Apparently women all over have been building these great little she-sheds and I was completely unaware.Faith Salie did a great job of assessing the situation.  If you weren’t lucky enough to view this, you can find it here.


I realized that the men in my home have at least two man-caves. We have never parked a vehicle in the garage. First it was just filled with their stuff. Eventually they took out the door and replaced it will a wall, added a sliding glass door and installed a heater. It is now a forbidden area unless I am bringing food and beverage. They also commandeered one bathroom and I have idea what they have done or how it gets cleaned as it is off limits to me. There was simply no place, not even a room that could be transformed into a she-shed.

So I grabbed my drink, a camera and headed out to the yard to look at the possibilities. It didn’t look too promising.

The first option is a small storage container. I am not sure if it simply was not put together well or if it has become dilapidated over  the years.

mocs and sheds 019


I do know that a raccoon called it home for some time. There is no power. If I could least put it together correctly, and clean it there are some possibilities. I could take a sleeping bag, a portable heater, a lantern and write in there. It is not big enough to stand up. It is something to think about.

mocs and sheds 017I moved on to the choice number two to asses the possibilities. We’ll save that for another day. But here is a quick preview.

mocs and sheds 015


10 thoughts on “She-shed obession

  1. Number 2 is awesome. Come on, can’t you hear it singing to you? Other than the fact that it underlooks a highway, I think it has an amazing amount of potential. 🙂 keep me posted!

  2. jfb57,
    Either one will take a lot of work. I think I will start with the plastic option first though.

  3. Windows can be replaced, my friend. And big brooms or bug bombs can get rid of the spiders. I would make lots of racket to scare away the snakes. Paint, and the antlers could be turned into art or lighting or pen holders, and the bench could be painted and then you could get a cushion and some cute pillows….see? 🙂

  4. Liz,

    Maybe. The highway is not much of a problem,not many people drive it. I am going to go out and give it a second look today.

  5. Well maybe, I really don’t like spiders. I guess I would go to home depot and learn about killing spiders today. There must be a spray or something.

  6. Go, Trenna! 🙂 if nothing else, look at this as a “me” project, and take your time. Make a list of what you need and want to make you happy (mine is sunlight, lol, and I would want to look at the roof). Have fun with it!

  7. Oh, Option #2 has endless possibilities! I have to admit, I do have a ‘Diva Den’ at my home in Florida!

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