[ fləks ]


  1. the action or process of flowing or flowing out:
  2. “the flux of men and women moving back and forth”


  1. treat (a metal object) with a flux to promote melting.

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I believe this morning I am in a state of flux. I can find no other word to describe it and this picture represents how uncomfortable I feel in this fluid situation. Clearly, I have made some poor decisions (I am familiar with that and can typically recoup with a little effort. However this time I am in over my head. All life jackets are welcome.


Here is my delema. I love to write. I have a few books written and that is all fine and good. I am loving writing on the blog and I am very happy with my little bit of everything. I am genuinely being me and I believe that is important. I started on WordPress.org and have found some limitations that I didn’t understand. (I am trying to learn all the tech, but this grandma may be a slow learner.) I thought purchasing the domain would help, not really.

I have to at least have some hope of paying for the cost of whatever service I use. I thought there were some ads and amazon affiliates I could use. Unfortunately, that didn’t help or allow any viable options.

I believe WordPress.org may be the best option. However, before I spend the money and try and  move my work I would like to know if it is viable. So I have asked some questions and set my focus on another query.

I want my grandson to be surprised about his gift. He only wants one thing and I am happy to give him that one thing. But I want it wrapped so that he won’t immediately know it is that one thing. I am turning the house upside down looking for options. Again, it is me in flux.

My truck is in the shop and I am feeling “stuck”.

What a whiner post! Guess I better work on something I can control. Housework is always an option!

If you have the answers, I certainly have many questions!


9 thoughts on “Flux

  1. I wish I had answers for you. I feel for you, I’ve been there. I’m in some turmoil myself over certain situations. I can only offer you some well wishes for a better day tomorrow 🙂

  2. After I moved my WP to GoDaddy for hosting, everyone in the business network I was in this summer yelled at me that I should have gone to WordPress.org. Which I may look at next summer. Hope this helps! Hug!

  3. Let me know which one works better when it’s all said and done. I’m stuck, too, as I figure out how to hit up Best Buy for a geek squad refund. Not only did they NOT fix my computer, they added more bugs. Ugh

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