Oh the drama!

What a wasted day! I spent my entire day trying to move my blog over to wordpress.org. I thought it would be easy.  I finally got everything moved, but now it is gone – just gone! The hosting people are not available. I am,well, miffed. I am really really miffed.

I was so excited to get all my links and everything set up so it would be pretty and fun. Here we are stuck with the same old drab me. I am at least hopeful they will give me back my money back because as near as I can tell I lost a whole day and got nothing. I spent over two hours on hold before I gave up.


2 thoughts on “Oh the drama!

  1. How sad, it must be terrible to feel so helpless, I have not been able to get my website operational despite so many reminders… and I don’t know what to do… managing to post through blogspot.com..

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