Unsettled day

It is an unsettled day. I have a brother whom I am not close to at all. He only lives about 75 miles away, but I only see him when the family forces it.

Today I found out he has lung cancer. Monday he goes in for surgery. The only reason I found out is that my sister ran into him last night and he told her. I guess he has known a long time.

I cared for and watch my sister-in-law die of lung cancer. He is active, fit and his only bad habit is arrogance, so things are in his favor.

I guess that is is a simple reminder that things can quickly change. Embrace what you have today.


10 thoughts on “Unsettled day

  1. So sorry to hear that I have a sister who cut off all ties with her siblings 4 years before she died from cancer a year ago. I hope you can support one another through this.

  2. Very sad news Trenna. Wishing you and your brother the best. Regardless of the past, I have a feeling he will love your support right now.

  3. Strained family relationships can be difficult in times like this, however something you said in a previous post rings with me right now–genuine people embrace lessons from the past and move on. Prayers for strength and healing coming your way.

  4. It is what it is. I don’t know, Liz. He would have never told us if my sister had not seen him walking. I have not checked on him.

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