Back to school apples

Apples and autumn just seem to fit together nicely.  There are many fun things that can be with apples or with an apple theme.


Painting with apple sauce is a glorious mess. Add a bit of food coloring to some small paper cups of applesauce.  Each student gets a cookie sheet and a few colored cups of applesauce. Create, experiment, play and then clean up.  Washing the trays is the final portion of the activity.

Since there are many different kinds of apples they make an excellent choice for sorting and counting projects.  A few bushel containers and a variety of apples are the backbone of the project.  Children can sort the apples by color, by size or by type of apple.  They can count the apples.

One of the first riddle stories children are told is the Apple Star House. Most traditional stories children love to hear over and over.  It seems like they wonder if the star will truly appear every time the apple is cut.  Of course, when it does there is that familiar trust that is so important for children.

An apple tree bulletin board is an awesome way to celebrate successes. The apple tree is void of all apples.  Each student can earn apples to put on the tree. See how quickly they can fill up the tree and then pick the apples and put them in a bushel.  (Later use the apples in the bushel to draw for line leaders and helpers.)

Have a variety of ways the students can earn apples.  Make sure there are enough opportunities for everyone to succeed. Along with academic accomplishments there should be recognition of citizenship and social skills as well.

The fall season is not complete until there has been some apple printing.  Dip the cut apples in a  little paint and see how things come out. Many treasures have been painted just this way.

With a little help every child can take home a dried apple wreath. These make wonderful fall gifts to send home.  After the children have used the apples for sorting and counting they are ready to be cut and dried.

Everyone loves a treat.  How about a little personal apple fondue. It does take a bit of extra preparation and it is worth it.  The children have a great time and remember it for months.

Each student receives apple slices and fondue pots.  Little paper cups work great.  Some good dipping options may be sugar-free caramel, peanut butter, marshmallow cream, chopped nuts, or mini M&M’s.

Have some fun with apples in the classroom this year.



10 thoughts on “Back to school apples

  1. My favorite thing to do with apples is Apple Crumble. Reminds me of when I was a kid living on the farm with our entire family together.

  2. I am not fond of cooked apples, but husband would love that. Great memories are important to hold on to.

  3. I love making and eating applesauce, I’ve never painted with it. Might be an activity for the grand-babies the next time they visit.

  4. Love all of your ideas. Using the apples for sorting and counting activities and then making a pictograph or bar graph would be fun!

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