Music has power

Power is neither good nor bad. It is simply the skill of moving “thinks”.  It’s about moving money, moving people, moving ideas, really about moving anything.  What is moved and how it is moved makes the use of power good or evil. What can you use the power of music to do to improve your life?

The Ipod can be an interesting tool. It can block everything and everyone out of your hearing, and allow you to still see what is going on. It protects others from listening to your music, pod cast, or what ever you are listening to. It can be useful as a tool, still it is important to note that it shuts others out.


Here are some things that music can do to change your life.

Inspire Movement

It is clear that for many life is sedentary. Anything we can do to add a little jiggle or movement to the situation is better. So use music to inspire movement.

Children seem to get this. Turn on any kind of music and with out any instruction things just begin to happen.

Slow down the mind

The right kind of music can slow down the mind and heart rate, this allows your body to use brain chemistry to heal the body. Find some slow relaxing music or guided meditation with music and see what a difference it can make.

Focuses the mind

You can actually block out distracts with music and sounds. Sleep with a small fan to create white noise. Often chants are very comforting when trying to focus or study.

Background to work through emotions.

The Band Perry does a song called “Done” that truly helps when it is time to let go and move on. Although the song is about love gone bad, it can be used metaphorically to say goodbye to bad habits, clutter or anything else that you need to let go of.

Once you understand the power of music and how it enhances your life, please share it.




6 thoughts on “Music has power

  1. Great Post. We have been listening to more music recently, I’m really conscious of the lyrics I expose my daughter to as she will sing along. I think singing lyrics over and over is a form of affirmation – we certainly need to be aware of what we are reciting, I think.

  2. My husband and Iove a variety of music genres, and that has passed on to our children (now adults). I use music to energize, to calm, to focus, to dance to, to sing to, and to reminisce.

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