It’s an old fashion rant!

I know, I am stepping out on a limb here and maybe I will get some kind of education here, and yet I can not move on and do the things required without getting this off my chest, out of my mind, and move forward with other wonderful things!


As far as I am concerned the University of Tennessee has gone way too far with the suggestion that students no longer use pronouns that establish a gender. I kid you not! They have created their own words. Instead of he or she they would like you to use ze.

News Flash – even babies who are grown in a test tube require DNA from a male and a female – GET OVER IT!

Yesterday I went to the city for an appointment. I am 5 foot nothing and wear moccasins. A young man, I would guess to be in his early 20’s, stopped directly in front of me, turned around and got about 2 inches from my face and said “Black lives matter”. I said “okay”, slipped my hand into my purse, and tried to get around him.

He was trying to stop me and said “What you mean okay?”

“It means that I heard you and acknowledged what you said.”

“You think you can just get around me.”

“I am certainly trying. I have an appointment to get to.”

At that point another young man, about the same age stepped in and helped me get around and into the office. I thanked him.

Lives matter. Begin at home. If you believe that black lives matter, begin at home and black people stop ruining the lives of black people. If you believe that all lives matter, begin at home and stop ruining the lives of everyone.

American politics has turned into an uncontrolled elementary school play ground. I don’t know where the playground teacher is, but it time to come out and “clean house”.  Hillary Clinton is not a felon. Let the justice system figure out what happened. It is not your job to be the judge and jury. Republicans let it run its course. Donald Trump, your real hair is the least of our problems. Hillary, calling Republicans terrorists is irresponsible, use another word.


16 thoughts on “It’s an old fashion rant!

  1. I couldn’t agree more. As a society, when we finally right the wrongs we’ve enforced for so many decades (or longer) – equal rights for women, blacks and gays to name a few – we take it to a “politically correct” extreme. The media instigates and people are sheeple. Lives do matter.

  2. splashfindigo,

    I can’t thank you enough just for reading and commenting today. I feel very invisible and out of touch today. Thank you for “seeing” me!

  3. Corinne,
    It is not even noon and I am still at wits end. Oh well, laughing is better than crying so I think I will do that.

  4. Ok, let’s talk about the really important things, like did you get to your hair appointment in time? Did you get accosted for wearing mocassins when you are not a Native American? And what everyone really wants to know, Trenna, how is your she-shed coming along? Hillary, Scmillary. I want to be called a “she” when people discuss me, and I am proud of that. I will also be docking others for using ze. And finally, thank you for claiming all lives matter.

  5. All lives matter! I don’t even like the words “black and white” to describe people. People say I’m white. I’m a “peachy” color… not white. Some described my American Indian husband as dark. He was “brown”. He was a he and I am a she. Born that way and proud of it. If someone calls me a ze, I might put my hand in my purse, because I might think I’m facing a dangerous person. Yes, I would say the University of Tennessee has gone too far. Z?

  6. No – hair appointments didn’t work out! But I am a Native American. Oh that – well I will show you a picture of what I am using in an upcoming post!

  7. I don’t think anyone has ever really complemented me on a rant. Joyful! You made me feel joyful!

  8. catshapedcushion,
    It was nice to have someone step in. I would have defended myself if it had come to that.

  9. We’re here to rant to! (Sorry that I’m 3 days late!) I’m an American, currently living in the Netherlands, and have not heard of Ze. If the University feels so strongly about the use or non use of pronouns, why not just replace the pronoun with the noun instead–student, athlete, scholar, professor, teacher, mathematician, etc.!!!

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