Letting it out

We went on a weekend trip and spent time with friends. I enjoyed our time. Then my husband became ill. He was willing to go to EMTs, but refused the hospital. I am angry. I am scared. I am sorry. I am grateful. In a word, I guess I am a mess! With that being said there are so many things to be grateful for and life must really go on.

So today I think I would like to talk about “Perseverance”. I think I have always envisioned the world meaning handling the “long suffering”. Today I think I am going to reframe my thoughts on perseverance and maybe make this journey a little less painful. I am open for suggestions.

Laugh often

There are so many little things in life to make you giggle. NEVER pass by an opportunity to laugh. I keep hearing through the grapevine that you can feel stress when you are laughing and I am going to pretend that it is true.

Cry when necessary

Crying releases tension, allows toxins to leave the body and gives the eyes some kind of work out. It has an antibacterial effect.  So cry when you need to.

Enjoy what is “right now”

No one can take “right now” away from you. Enjoy it right now, for no other reason than this 30 seconds belongs to you. You can enjoy it if you want too.

Believe there is something beyond this life

I have to hope that death is really not the end of relationship. It just means we live too far apart for communication.



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