It is a ramble

Guess what! I am scared. My husband has surgery planned for Monday and I am terrified. Nothing seems to be able to calm my soul, mind and heart. I have cried myself dry and walk so much my legs will barely move.


It occurs to me that I really don’t want to be on this earth without him and my stress is probably not helping what-so-ever. Still I can not seem to get it together.

No, I am not asking for sympathy. In fact, I don’t think I am asking for anything. I just think that sometimes when you write it out and “say it out loud” you can handle it better.

And I have been doing the blog challenge. It has given me stregthn, ideas and insight to other things, so I must go on.  Today I had nothing planned and ready to go, so what you have here is a piece of my heart. It’s a broken piece, but it is still ticking.


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