Big Day

If you really know me, you know that I am at the hospital today, while my husband is having surgery.  I am putting up this post knowing that by the time you will read this, I will know how the surgery went. Either way, my priority won’t be running to the computer. It will be doing what needs to be done here.




First I want to thank you for the prayers and good wishes. I know it was divine intervention when I didn’t toss him out of the truck on the way to the surgeon’s  office when he wouldn’t stop clicking the pen. He can’t hear the click. It’s just a nervous gesture. But it was driving me insane. I think I ran into the office just to get away from the clicking. Anyway,  whatever the outcome, our deepest thanks for the support during these last few days ~ who am I kidding for all the years you have known us, ours has been a bumpy ride, and still our love is strong and true. We couldn’t have done that without friends and family.

Today I am asking you for another favor. Find five people that you have not really told them how much you love them today and do it. No matter what happens in my little world that would improve the world as a whole. Please don’t wait for the rough times to say what is in your heart.

I am going to leave you today with the only song associated with our wedding and one of my favorites.



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