Benefits of dry brushing

The largest organ of our bodies is our skin. It is made up of tissues including Meissner’s, sweat glands and hair follicles. Skin protects the inner body from contamination and diseases, gives us our sense of touch, removes toxins from the body, produces Vitamin D, regulates body temperature and is essential in moisture retention.  Since ⅓ of the body’s toxins are released through the skin it seems prudent to take care of it. Dry brushing has many benefits when it comes to skin care.


Benefits of dry brushing

Dry brushing is an excellent ways to help unclog the pores and give toxins a free path out of the body. The dead skin tissues will be removed and dry brushing encourages the lymphatic system to work properly. Why is that important? The lymphatic system is the network that rids the body of toxins and transfers healing white blood cells throughout the body.

How does dry brushing work

Dry brushing is done with a brush that has natural bristles and a handle long enough so you can reach your entire body.

You get undressed and stand in the bath or shower. Brushing is always done toward the heart. Begin with your feet and brush every area. For complete coverage overlap on the brushing and make certain to get everywhere.

Once you are done brushing shower or bath. If you would like the blood to come to the surface and enjoy those benefits alternate cold and hot water. For best results do this twice a day and follow with a light coating of coconut oil.


In the beginning it may be very tender, and that eventually diminishes.


Make sure to thoroughly clean the brush so mildew does not occur.


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