Home Again!

We are home. There is much to be done and working is paramount. The medical bills swallow things up in a hurry. Who knew a box of Kleenex cost over $100.00 at a hospital and I was crying. (Note to self, bring your own Kleenex for his next surgery.)


Now that we need oxygen in the home all the time things have to be moved around so the machines that make the oxygen can run and not hit breakers and no one will get tied up in the cords. Yesterday afternoon when we got home the scramble began.

My brother, who typically cannot go to the store because of health issues, volunteered to go because there were medications that needed to be filled immediately. As he was leaving the store an older gentlemen (according to him) with a cane started to fall and he tried to help him. In the end, he ended up falling as well, but said he cushioned the fall for the man. He couldn’t cushion anything! He is skin and bones. He has a sense of humor (with others). As they lay on the floor the man kept apologizing. My brother finally said “If don’t stop apologizing and get up I am going to have to grab your cane (which he couldn’t even reach) and hit you till you get up. My brother is bruised from head to toe, but he got the meds. He is once again my hero!

Later the store called to see if he was alright. I asked if they were there or how they knew what happened. She laughed right out loud. “We did not see it, but customers came in and told us so we reviewed surveillance footage. There is no mistaking “your brother” does he need to see a doctor?”

“Probably, but he won’t. Just carry on.”

“Well, please tell him he is not pillow material and if sees someone falling, he should run.”

Of course, my brother had not eaten while we were had the hospital so I made a meal for him and a meal for my husband. Delivered everyone their medications and watched them take them. Everyone was in bed for the first time by 9:00 pm. And then I was up every hour with one or the other the rest of the night and I am so grateful I have them both here to do that.

So the goals today, in my very real and not virtual life, I have to move things around the home for more mobility. I have to fix a toilet. (I guess that means home depot and figuring out the insides) Of course, I have a ten hour work day as well.  I have a very high suspicion that all of those things are not going to get done in one day, but a girl has to try right?

Why am I wasting my time writing this? Writing is my sanity in all of the chaos. Comments keeps me cheered up. All of that reminds me that there is life outside of my limited view of “right now”.

Thanks for reading and do whatever it takes create at least one smile today. I will try and survive the river run I call Wednesday.


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