Best ways to deal with frustration

In today’s busy world frustration seems to be a constant companion to many. Society has come to expect instant results and satisfaction.  As a result people are experiencing exasperation, annoyance, anger, vexation, irritation, disappointment, dissatisfaction, discontentment, and are generally speaking, frustrated and out of control. So what is the answer? How are they going to deal with frustration in a direct manner that benefits them rather than harms?


Dealing with frustration by managing expectations

Often times people set themselves up for frustrating situations by setting unrealistic expectations.  It can be simple little daily expectations or huge life goals and expectations. Both influence where the frustrations may come from.

A trip to work can turn into a frustrating nightmare because of a simple traffic jam. The expectation of getting to work on time is no longer a realistic expectation. Instead of becoming overly frustrated, changing the expectation quickly is something that can be achieved.

Perhaps turning on the radio and singing as loud as you can is a great choice. It increases deep breathing and the flow of oxygen to your brain. Both of those are very good things.

Maybe grabbing your laptop or an old fashioned pen and paper to collect some thoughts and get some work done on the road is a new acceptable expectation.

The quicker the expectations can change, the better the situation.

Physical activity to help deal with frustrations

There is much to be said for the benefits of “shaking it off”. Physical activity begins a sequence of events dealing with brain chemistry  that rescues people from dwelling on things that cannot be changed.

Develop a few routine movements that are simple and can be accomplished in a professional setting. Some examples that might work well are:

  1. a couple of shoulder rolls
  2. wiggling your toes
  3. crossing your arms and rubbing the opposite elbow

If you are home, you may choose to go for a walk, bike ride, treadmill, go the gym or take a swim.

Make an actual choice to laugh or cry  when dealing with frustration

There is no question that laughter and crying both have many benefits. When given the choice between laughing or crying, make the best choice for the situation. There is a time, place and benefit for both options. It will reduce the frustration and kick off the brain chemistry. In fact, sometimes things are so out of what that doing both is the best option.

Frustration is bound to happen. When dealing with frustration, people who are able to make adjustments quickly and it into a lesson learned are more successful in the long run.



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