Oh Happy Day!

I really am happy today. My “men” are both tired and sore, but they seem fairly content. I live for those days when they are both content. So today my heart is full and I am singing.

The grandkids are hopeful that my husband will have his second surgery before Halloween, because he can be Frankenstein. They are handling the scar on the neck much better than he is. I was surprised when he announced  “I am not pretty anymore”. I laughed and said “No, but you will always be handsome.” I hope that did the trick!

I also want to thank you for all the prayers and well wishes. It is good to know that people really do care. It is much appreciated.

I know there is some confusion with both sites, so I have made a decision. This site will still be a little bit of everything.  The other site will be parenting and education.  I probably won’t have a new post on both of them every day, but I will keep doing daily posts –  here or there!

Thanks for just letting me chat with you. It was nice!


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