Are they conceited or confident?

Are they conceited or confident?

Sometimes it is a bit of a struggle to quickly identify if someone is confident and competent, or conceited and cocky. There really is a great difference between the two when we look closely.



Confident people withstand deadlines and pressures

Confident people are not perfect and still they do well under pressure. They can adapt and rearrange to make certain they are flexible enough to accomplish the tasks correctly and on time. Confident people are organized. Conceited people tend to panic when the pressure turns on and often fumble.

Confident people don’t need the accolades of others

Confident people earned that confidence. They have done a series of things that has steadily built that level of confidence. They  have their successes and failures to teach them everything they need to know to be pleased. While they are happy to accept a compliment, it is not necessary.

Conceited people talk more than confident people

Conceited people thrive on hearing their own voice and bragging. They often have accomplished many things and they are happy to share them all with anyone who will listen. However, confident people are anxious to listen and learn from the wisdom of others.

Conceited people will work themselves into  hole and still not ask for help

They don’t want to appear to need help or be incompetent. Often time they end up with less than stellar results because they won’t admit the need for some help on a project. Needing help is seen as a weakness by conceited people. Confident people consider it a tool to be used to get the best results in a quick time frame.

Confident people are not afraid of making mistakes

Confident may fall short of expectations. They are willing to own up and make certain that they don’t repeat those same mistakes. They are very good at learning from misguided actions and improving results. Mistakes are just a part of the learning curve.

If you keep these distinctions in your mind, you will be able to spot the difference between conceited people and confident people rather quickly. It is definitely helpful when selecting which professional you want to complete a task or which politician may be the better of the two choices.

It also good to do a little self check. Sometimes people drift between the two with really paying attention. So if there is more talking than listening, lack of focus and no request for help. Step back and evaluate.



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