Can not confirm or deny

I am beginning to believe that I am living in a country where every newscast, newspaper, and commentary needs to begin with a legal statement that they can not confirm or deny anything. Perhaps then we would understand there is no “correct” report or unbiased news.  In fact, I am not even sure that watching the news should be an activity I should participate in any longer.


Yesterday I believe there was a horrific shooting at a school in Oregon. That is really know. The numbers and stories changed so quickly. Then the President got on television and talked about states that needed tougher gun laws. So I got on the internet and tried to find out what the laws were in different states. I can not confirm or deny who has the toughest  gun laws and since he didn’t mention any, I don’t think he can either.

So I am looking for a political guru who can weed through all the muck and tell me what happened. Does anyone know anymore what happens or is our demand to know right now and everything part of the problem. I am old enough to remember that it came out in a newspaper and not everyone had a television. Radio was more common, but was more likely to entertain than to deliver news.

If we cannot investigate and report what happens in our own borders, what are we doing abroad? I am discouraged and hope that someone, anyone who reads this will be able to shed some light on my dim world of what is.


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