No Looking Back

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Love Yourz Carlz

Hello October

Pinch punch first of the month and no return. I remember growing up and my mum always saying this to me, I never really got it.

I know the true meaning is to do with witches but yesterday my mum said it to me and something in my head clicked. No Return there is no return.
Today is all we have everyday is a new day you can’t go back, so live it to the fullest, yesterday is gone and you can’t repeat it, so let it go, tomorrow isn’t promised so don’t say I’ll do it tomorrow because tomorrow may never come.

I’ve been living my life for tomorrow not for today, everything is always I’ll do it tomorrow, I’ll start on Monday. But really I should be starting today, because today is all I have.

Today is the 2nd of October and today I’m taking back…

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