Water with a crunch

Now that you might be a little more aware that you need more water in your diet, I have some good news. There are some foods that are very hydrating. Adding them to your diet may help to replace one glass of water. At the very least replace a salty food with one of these and things will improve.



All of the items that I will suggest here are said to be at least 90% water by weight. It should be simple to toss a few of them in and avoid some foods that are not so hydrating. Here we go.

  1. Cantaloupe – a 6 ounce serving is only 50 calories. It is hydrating and tasty.
  2. Grapefruit – it is really a super fruit. It can help with lowering cholesterol. It goes great grilled and in a salad. It is also a nice addition to salsa. (Actually, many hydrating foods can be combined into a great salsa to serve over meat.
  3. Star fruit- I love this fruit and not many people are familiar with it. It is a fun little surprise and conversation piece.
  4. Lettuce and spinach combination is a good thing. Lettuce has more water content and spinach has more nutrients. Together they can make a bed for a very hydrating salad. If you have never mixed the two now is the time to try it.
  5. Watermelon, I mean look at the name.
  6. This is one that may not have seemed so obvious. Uncooked broccoli has a high water content. It certainly belongs on any “crunchy” water plate you might add to the table.
  7. Baby carrots are mostly water. They have not grown to have much more and they are packaged with water.
  8. Green peppers are another tasty option.


Hospital visits that include problems with dehydration are staggering. Drink more water. Eat more hydrating foods.


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