October 4th holidays

Honestly, you can make up any holiday you want and if you get enough people to buy in then it is official. I don’t celebrate all holidays and I don’t look at the lists everyday. However, once in awhile it is fun to take  gander and see what is out there. Since tomorrow is October 4th, I wanted you to be prepared. So may have some shopping to do today so you can celebrate properly.  Let’s see what all the talk is about for October 4th.



National Taco Day

I am a fan of taco salads, more so than just tacos. So the Old El Paso Taco Boats are a favorite choice of mine. I can set up a full taco bar so that my family has all the options they would like. Typically I offer a choice of different meats and beans and all the fixings you can imagine. So yes, I will be celebrating with a taco bar at my house.

Kanelbullens Day

I am sure this holiday didn’t originate in the United States because I was not familiar with “kanelbullens” however, I was thrilled when I found out they were cinnamon rolls. Again, I am all about choices. I make a basic cinnamon roll and offer a variety of icing options. Two family favorites are maple icing and orange icing.

Change a Light bulb Day

This holiday is sponsored by a specific company. I choose to celebrate it with a broad approach. Check all your light bulbs and use energy efficient for the greater good of all.

National Vodka Day

I have to admit, I am a little confused about vodka. When I was younger the benefit seemed to be that it had no real flavor so you could mix it with anything and everything. Now, flavored vodka seems to be all the craze. There is even a distillery making salmon vodka. Don’t get me wrong, some of them I really like. It is just an odd transition.

If you are going to celebrate these holidays, change the light bulbs first, for obvious safety reasons.

If you celebrate tomorrow I would love to hear about it.


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