The open letter


John T.
100 Crescent Court, Suite 700
Dallas Texas 75201
And a whole lot of other advertisers.

I get it people have to advertise and sell to get purchases. I understand that it can be helpful to create a sense of urgency to buy a product, and still today I am a little fed up!

Sure I filled out your form and said that I was interested. I even gave you my actual name and  address.

You didn’t have your program loaded correctly so I got information sent to Dear {insert name}

I didn’t read your letter. I am not “insert name”.

You sent me a video to watch. This time it had my name. I opened it and you told me there were 102 people  in a town near me, (you just used the zip code – not the town that I wrote down and live in-) and your data base overestimated the number of people who live in the area and could be watching the video at the same time as me. Your number would have required that everyone to be on line and the internet (only one option) was down in the town you thought I was from.  I checked with the only service available to make sure. It was pretty easy because it was 2:00 am and schedule down-age!

So even if your product may be fabulous, your delivery methods and advertising is shady, and unforgivable and I bet you are paying for the service.

Just in case John T is a real person and he used his read address, I am sending a copy of this snail mail.

Just say no to The Primo Advantage!

What do you think?


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