Patience, please stop trying to teach me patience!

Please send wigs and hair dye! I am pulling out my hair and the little that is coming back is tough, rough and gray.  I know I am not a patient person and I have reached my limit.

My sister called and she was sitting on the floor, crying.  There seems to be no common sense in the medical field.  They are trying to get my brother in law back in sinc after brain surgery.

They moved him from ICU with a sitter to watch him because he pulls at his feeding tube and tries, successfully on occasion, to remove the staples from his head. He is also asked a series of questions every few hours to see if some of the confusion and brain function is coming back. His sight is coming back a little and it is interesting to see how his brain is handling the ordeal.

On this floor the first night, his sitter and his nurse both have very strong and different accents. I am not sure where they were from originally, but I kept asking them to repeat themselves because I couldn’t understand them.

When they started to give “joe” commands and ask questions he did not respond. Finally I jumped in and asked him to do at least the physical commands. Those went fine when I asked him to do them. The nurse asked why he would do them for me. I said, “He is still very confused and he cannot understand what you are saying.”

He asked if I was a racist. “No, I am just a very tired woman who is trying to help my brother-in-law recover from brain surgery. It seems like one of the things that this hospital lacks is common sense. He is already very confused and he simply cannot understand what you are saying and he probably doesn’t know why.”

He asked me to leave the room and I would not. I said firmly, but politely, I won’t interfere with your work here and will make sure that he goes through all the information with me after you leave.


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