Wow! Life

I am guessing that no one noticed I have been missing, but still I forge ahead. Somewhere out there someone may need to hear or benefit from what I choose to share today! It could be me when I read this in five years and remember the process of life!

Today is the last day of one of the very busiest and most emotional month of my lifetime. It has been a bit of a roller coaster ride and I feel like I have left bits and pieces of my life toss aside from the ride. So on this last day of the month I am gathering my thoughts and experiences and perhaps doing a little self evaluation.

One of things I did this month was publish a new book. This one really comes from the heart and lets people see how my mind, heart and thought process really works. It is about my relationship and thoughts about the higher power and the way life on this planet works.   It is interesting typically when I write something it is to begin a conversation or promote a new ripple of thought. I don’t know that I have ever accomplish this, but that is always one of the desires. Anyway, I wrote it and it is here.

My brother-in-law had a brain tumor removed. The only time I spent more hours in the hospital was with my mom. She was in over 90 days and it looks like it will be at least that with my brother-in-law. I am not complaining, and yet I am evaluating what it has taught me and how these experience can truly change our lives, yes, yours included if you are willing. Here’s one of the experience’s I shared.

I am forever looking for inspirational moments and I have found that when you are willing to look for them, they present themselves. My sister is an amazing and very unique, perfectionist person. She often inspires me to be a better person. In the middle of all her drama and dealing with husband’s surgery she was able to be deemed “The toilet paper lady”, I think it worth a read.

You may have noticed that these are posted on another website.  You may wonder why. It is because of my need to reach out and know their are “real” people reading and commenting. It this big new world of social media, bots, and the lack of human to human contact I have found  a community.

I am going to try and keep up on everything, and yet human contact, comments and thoughts will always mean more than views in my world.



3 thoughts on “Wow! Life

  1. Hey, friend, I have been checking on you! I’m glad you are still writing, and I’m glad that you have strength and commitment to share with everyone. 🙂 I lost a few relatives to cancer; it’s a horrible, tenacious disease.I will keep you in my prayers.
    And for the third time, congrats on your book! You are such an inspiration! Hug!!!

  2. Okay, it is silly, but your comment brought me to happy tears with good goosebumps. You have given me the courage to go back to the hospital and then trick or treating with the Grandkids.- It amazing how one comment can change the course of a day. THANK YOU ~ eternal gratitude

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