All over the map!

I have had a journey. I have gone all over the map trying to make my online writing worthwhile and mean something emotionally and financially. I have come to the conclusion, with the prodding of the house hold, that is simply is not meant to be the way I had it pictured. I am okay with that as most of
my plans in life have gone astray. So I am coming back to my core. This site is where I reach out with my life and thoughts – Man up Woman up Parent up – is where I choose to write about our children and how to make their lives better.

I am proud of the books that I have published because they came from my heart. Sharing piece of your heart is not an easy thing to do, but you learn a lot about who you are and who you want to be. I would say it is good for the soul.

So I am back here, writing about what matters to me. I am hopeful I have some friends who will stop in and visit.

As I am understanding the reality that life is short and you must say what is needed now because tomorrow may never really come.

I hope this begins to feel like home again. So please come on in. Let me get you a beverage. Welcome and stay awhile.


4 thoughts on “All over the map!

  1. I’m so glad you’re here! HUG! You get the lemonade, and I’ll bring the cookies. Better yet, let’s just get out the eggnog and watch it snow.

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