5 signs of a sensitive soul

People with great communication skills are observant.  They pay attention and learn to recognize different signs and traits so they know how to approach a person. You can learn to use and identify these traits and then you can connect with these kinds of people. Better communication skills are always a good thing. So, here you will find 5 signs that will let you know that a person is a sensitive person.

Sensitive people…

Have a vivid imagination

Imagination is a great gift. However, if it goes unchecked a person may become over sensitive to everyday situations. If a neighbor does look up and speak to them, they may create scenarios of reasons why they were not acknowledged. This can lead to a number of assumptions that might simply be wrong and detrimental to their self esteem.

On the other hand, imagination fills the library full of books, puts paintings and art in the galleries, creates technical advances and makes for alternative theories that forever change the world. There is a great need for people with vivid imaginations.

Often have anxiety and depression

This is an interesting phenomenon. The sensitive people are more observant and perhaps the realism that they can see more things, good and bad. There are not as many filters for sensitive people.

Not a real team players

It is not that sensitive people don’t want to be a team player, it is just harder for them. They try very hard to not step on toes, do what they are told, and still they would like things done correctly. The tension that can arise in groups can seem more prominent for sensitive people.

Take things personally

Sensitive people listen and relate the conversation to themselves. Typically, it is not is a pretentious manner. They just feel like perhaps they could have done something to make the outcome better or different.

Strive to please everyone

Sensitive people want a little confrontation and stress as possible. They will do their best to keep things as calm as possible. They will put the needs of others  in front of their own to make peace, but will be saddened by the inconvenience. It is a no win situation.

Still, being sensitive is not a trait that should be “fixed”. A sensitive person can make adjustments to make things work.



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