Spending time, it’s limited

Will all the recent illnesses, surgeries and hospital visits in our family time has come to be even a more precious commodity. There are things that must be done. Things that should be done to keep things going. Then, there are the things that make you happy and may not be covered in the other two areas! Can you see the dilemma here?

Recently I wrote a post about Shopswell and I really do enjoy the time I spend there. However, it takes time away from other things, like writing. I think sharing personal experiences, thoughts and values are important. I think the  only way to stop crazy violence is to learn how to understand each other. So I am doing a little bit of combo time right now. Hopefully, I will get a response from both areas of my world and find my time well spent.

So I want to share the story of why those little Lego characters are not just fun toys for children, they are a reminder of unconditional love. By all normal accounts my parents spent a whole lot of time together. And on occasion when Dad would go out of town, Mom really didn’t want him to be lonely and she wanted him to know he was missed. (I guess she really loved him.)

One day as he headed out the door to a meeting about 60 miles away, she slipped a little Lego man into his pocket with a note that said “love you”. Then Mom started putting them in all sorts of random places and you knew when you found one you were loved.

When I went to college, there were several tucked in boxes. Sometimes they would arrive in the mail. When I went home there might be one under the pillow. These are precious, but I didn’t keep them. They have been passed through generations of my family and we buy new ones too. I am sure that is not what the company intended, but it works for us.

Yes, I slipped a Lego man in Mom’s casket. I know her spirit is not there and it is just old bone, but I know her spirit saw me slip it in there, and she smiled. She understood what I meant.

Mom has been gone a long time. I still have a little box that is all taped up. I know there is a Lego man in there of some kind and probably a poem for me, but I  am saving it for the day I really need that.

So when I made this little list on Shopswell and shared it online. You may have considered it spam, dumb, or not even bothered to look at it. However, for me it was sharing a little bit of love from my Mom with my friends. I just love little Lego characters, don’t you?


One thought on “Spending time, it’s limited

  1. Trenna, that is an awesome story. I don’t have anything like that, so stories like yours make me smile, because it means love spreads. Thank you for the reminder. 🙂

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