It is a New Year

Some of you may have noticed that I have been gone. My brother-in-law had surgery on October 14th and we put his body in it’s final resting place yesterday. While I know that he is not in that coffin, but fine and with people he loves, we miss him. It is still raw. There is still much anger, many worries and struggles that we must face individually and as a family. He was my brother. He dropped the “in-law” a long time ago and welcomed me and long with all others into his home. Grief seems to magnify every little problem.  But we must step up to the plate and keep on swinging.

I am grateful we learned so much for him and that his example of love and humor will remain in our hearts.

He had an interesting sign that hung above his work area. It said “Of course, I am standing around. I did it right the first time.”  Most of the time that was true. He was a hero to his children, a soulmate to his wife, and a person who would quietly and with no fanfare help anyone in need.

It was not what was expected, but I guess we are not in charge. I am hopeful that I will begin to write again and solace will come.


One thought on “It is a New Year

  1. Trenna, I feel for you, friend. May God hold you in His hands, and may you have some good moments that turn into some good days as you deal with your grief. Hug.

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