Sometimes you have to stand up

It is time to stand up

Here are the facts as I know them! I joined a little site called Shopswell. It was fun, it was interesting and yes, they even paid a little money for your time. Then “things” started to happen. The last two days of the month, the people who work the most and would get paid the most, suddenly earn no money on those days. When it was reported the response was “I don’t know what to tell you, your account looks fine?”


This week we find someone is breaking the rules and suddenly getting the “most” payout. It is reported. Nothing is done. The others who are obeying the rules just lose out. Makes you wonder if they set up the cheating account (just a random thought).


Here is my theory, if today is like the last two months nothing I do on the site will make any money. So here is my plan to send a little message that harms no one. It doesn’t take money away from anyone (because mine don’t count on the last two days), It doesn’t break any rules, because I am not asking anyone to make multiple comments  or create dummy accounts. I simply want the list to go “viral” on Shopswell so they know, we know, cheaters are allowed and maybe even encouraged, in a fun Shopswell way!


Here is the url. Leave a comment of “amen”, “whatever”, “great” or even “really” and please ask everyone on the site that you deal with to do the same! It seems we have nothing to lose because reporting it doesn’t work.



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